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Evaluations & Treatment

Following a conviction for DUI, DUI less Safe or a drug related charge in Georgia, or a licensed Georgia driver who gets a DUI in another State must successfully complete a Department of Drivers Services (DDS) approved DUI Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program and undergo a Clinical Evaluation and, if recommended, complete a Substance Abuse Treatment Program.

The purpose of this evaluation is to identify individuals that may benefit from treatment. The evaluation may be a requirement of the department of Driver Services, the court or probation. Based on their professional findings, the Clinical Evaluator may recommend treatment. Treatment means attendance and participation in the type of program recommended by the Evaluator. Be sure you attend a DBHDD approved DUI Intervention Program (DUIIP)

This evaluation is not the same as the Needs assessment completed prior to attending DUI school.

  • The evaluator must be current on the DBHDD approved list.
  • You may choose your evaluator
  • You are entitled to a second opinion

1 Stop Driving has evaluators and treatment providers available , If we cannot meet your schedule or convenience we will be glad connect you with evaluators and/or treatment providers in your area.

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